Reserwa Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pocket Leakproof

(891 customer reviews)

  • Keep vehicle clean & tidy:Waterproof & insulation cooler elegant auto car trash bag hanging will not only give you a place to hold your trash it will also make your car looks better and keep your car clean, organized and free of trash.
  • Interior leakproof lining:Waterproof lining is perfect for disposing papers, water bottles, coffee cups, wrappers, and soda cans.helps protect your cars upholstery and carpet from stain damage, helps protect your cars upholstery and carpet from stain damage.
  • Adjustable straps: The strap can strap to 37.4” (95cm), which is long enough to fit around anything in my car.Also the left and right button can fixed garbage bag.
  • Multifunction:The trash can for car is not only a trash can but can also be used as a storage bag for toys, drinks or important documents. This essential automotive accessory is suitable for most car, truck, suv, van, minivan.
  • Warranty: One year warranty.


Reserwa Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pocket Leakproof Car Garbage Can Portable Auto car trash bag Hanging or Mounting In Car 2 Gallon Car Organizer with Adjustable Straps Storage Car Accessories

891 reviews for Reserwa Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pocket Leakproof

  1. Julie Schwerin

    The product arrived as expected. I anticipate that it will work as expected. Only time will tell. Did not come with a sample bag so purchase bags ahead of arrival if wanting to use right away.

  2. Ayuna Vogel

    I like the design, the waterproof inside, and the lid with an opening

  3. Faramarz Jabbarvaziri

    It’s practical and will recommend it to others

  4. Karin Garcia

    Using this has helped me keep my car tidy & organized.

  5. Arash Mobasser

    I just like it and my favorite stuff

  6. Delandrius Dunbar

    This is a great product. Very useful and sleek. Definitely will be using it alot in the future

  7. Ruth Mahaffy

    I just got it but it looks functional

  8. May Yang

    I think the trash bag is pretty nice. I just put in the car and I haven’t try it yet.

  9. Victoria Sutherland

    The product is great, but fills easily. It wont fit cups from fast food which would be helpful.

  10. JR

    Works well, not too big, small bag fits

  11. Ineisha Scott

    I ordered this to keep down on the trash circulation in the car! For the most part it has done it’s job! Would recommend!

  12. Ineisha Scott

    I have a big family and needed this product in my car to keep down on trash circulation.

  13. Eleisha keeler

    Like how sturdy it seems to be good size as well

  14. Felecia Byrd

    I ordered it due to my son always throwing trash on the floor.

  15. Cindy Lokey

    I love the design, especially the tissue holder

  16. Moe Loy

    Really like how it looks and what it does.

  17. Cathy Johnson

    Love it works great nicely built

  18. christian macatangay

    awesome, so handy and really good product

  19. Derek

    Mandatory character counts are lame. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  20. Tim Strome

    The way the lid is attached, you can’t properly hang a plastic bag inside to keep the can clean.

  21. Sidnee Roth

    It’s handy and keeps car clean

  22. Tamara Dowland

    Love it, fits in my new car. Would def purchase again as a gift

  23. Isabela Lujan

    I love the interierior, the extra pockets, the way you can insert the trash. And that you can store stuff in it. I also enjoy the slick design.

  24. Loracylle Evan Samorlan

    Great design and easy to use. Great functions for every travel and vacation.

  25. Suzanne Martins

    I just received it today. It looks like good quality. I hope i will know how to install it.

  26. Selena

    I just received this product, it looks so cute. I am kind of like it.

  27. Taylor Cooper

    Pretty solid and seems convenient and sturdy so far 🙂

  28. Cristal Herrera

    It was just what I was looking for however didn’t come with bags like other reviews had stated.

  29. Tara Raque

    Great product. Love it. Will use it for a long ti e thank yoy

  30. Libby Maskol

    So far it’s functionally accurate.

  31. Aditya Kanakasabapathy

    It’s a good trash can. It stores trash and doesn’t spill

  32. Jason Welsh

    Looks to be well constructed and very functional. Love that it has a waterproof lining!

  33. Tyler Worrall

    Don’t know how it works. Haven’t used it yet. Looks good.

  34. Ling Ye

    I think it is well designed. I like the clips on the side to hold down the trash bag. Well thought out.

  35. Dave Chauhan

    It’s awesome quality. I am impressed with the usability.

  36. Al Romulo

    Great product! I’m glad that the product did not have velcro because the velcro can deteriorate over time.
    Two thumbs up!

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