Reserwa [5th Gen] Car Vacuum 12V 106W Car Vacuum Cleaner

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  • 【Package included:】Package included: 1*Car Vacuum Cleaner, 1*Brush Mouth, 1*Long Mouth, 1*Soft Long Tube, 1*HEPA Filter, 1*Black Zipper Carry Bag, 1*Manual, 1*Cleaning Brush.
  • 【STRONG SUCTION】Upgrade car vacuum have much stronger suction than before, We has increased its suction to a higher level of 4500Pa suction, which can effectively pick up things weigh about 16oz, it’s powerful enough to suck up the dust,pet hair ,crumbs and other small things in the car.
  • 【MULTIFUNCTIONS】Car vacuum supports Dry and Wet application, which quickly absorb debris and spilled liquid inside the car (except corrosive,flammable and explosive liquid). It comes with 3 accessories(Brush, Soft Long Tube, Long Mouth). The brush can be used to clean hair and the dirty something stick on the car. The soft long tube can be used to clean the surface of leather without damage. The long mouth can be used to clean the trunk or under the seat.
  • 【CONVENIENT】Vacuum car with 5M(16.4feet) power cord helps clean any hard-to-reach area. It comes with a storage bag, which allow you to conveniently store ar vacuum and accessories away, good to keep in the back of your car. 75db low noise, easy to operate!
  • 【EASY TO WASH】Can disassemble and wash the filter to make the portable car vacuum have maximum and continuous cleaning efficiency. SMALL TIPS: It will be more powerful if you clean the vacuum filter everytime of use, and it also will extend the life of the machine. Please use the car vacuum for no more than 15 minutes at a time.


Product description

Product Features:
✔Reserwa [5th Gen] car vacuum cleaner have high power up to 4500Pa suction, which can effectively clean the dust,litter,liquid,pet hair inside the car.
✔14.7ft power cord as well as 3 different specific mouth. Thoroughly clean any hard-to-reach area of your car.
✔Dry and wet application,combination of two functions,can effectively absorb debris and spilled liquid inside the car.
✔HEPA filter can be detachable and washable to make the vacuum cleaner have maximum and continuous cleaning efficiency.

How to use:
✔Please make sure to plug into the DC 12V cigarette lighter located in the car before usage,and it’s limited to DC12V input,forbid children to use.
✔Please turn off switch timely and pull out the cigarette lighter when you complete using.
✔Please let it take a break after continuously running for 15 minutes to extend service life of cleaner.
✔Please clean the vacuum filter and the front cover regularly to extend the life of the machine.
✔If it is for wet use, please notice the height of water-proof tube in the front cover and don’t exceed the HEPA filter when adsorbing liquid.(You should turn off the cleaner,open the front cover, pour out liquid for reusing.No Reversing The Machine Body).

✔Product Name: Car Vacuum Cleaner
✔Input Current: 8A
✔Input Voltage: DC-12v
✔Power: 106W
✔Power Cord Length: 5m (14.76ft)
✔Vacuum Degree: ≥3500Pa
✔Decibel: ≤70DB
✔Weight: 23.00oz/653g
✔Dimension: Power Cord: 16.4ft /5m (L)
✔Brush Attachment: 2.76in/70mm (L)
✔Extension Hose: 28.35in/720mm (L)
✔Crevice Attachment: 5.51in/140mm (L)
✔Vacuum Cleaner: 13.78 x 4.33 x 4.33in/350mm x 110 x 110mm (L x W x H)

Package included:
✔1*Car Vacuum Cleaner
✔1*Brush Mouth
✔1*Long Mouth
✔1*Soft Long Tube
✔1*HEPA Filter
✔1*Black Zipper Carry Bag
✔1*Cleaning Brush

651 reviews for Reserwa [5th Gen] Car Vacuum 12V 106W Car Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Andrew Camarena

    It does an amazing job for the price very happy.

  2. Maximino Cruz

    It works great and it’s convenient because I can keep it in my car and it does what it’s supposed to do.

  3. Chandra Carey

    Shipped very quickly, I couldn’t wait to try it, i was very surprised how well it picked up. I’ve only used it once but I look forward to using it more.

  4. Chelcie Cooper

    Came in good condition! For sure going to tell my friends and family about this product! Might order one for my fiancé to have for his car

  5. Winston Reid

    Works great comes with everything u need

  6. Kirsten

    Works great for such a small vacuum. Got the job done!

  7. Kaylee Cobb

    Great vacuum for the price! Easy and convenient to use!

  8. Isabel Pinales

    Nice look , I love all the accessories and the bag it comes with .

  9. Eric Lister

    The product is a product that has to be used in order to have an opinion. I plan to use it very soon

  10. Benvinda Dasilva

    Nice design works well on dry and wet surfaces

  11. Nicole williams

    This product works good for a car vacuum. Love that it has a case.

  12. Bhavin Chokshi

    Nice packing, easy to use and easy to store as well

  13. Júlia Sroda Agudogo

    Like the design! Excited to use it to clean my car! And glad it has a life time warranty.

  14. Napassorn Lerdsudwichai

    Not too big and nice touch with a bag to keep equipment

  15. Giselle Sanchez

    The product just arrived today. Will be looking forward to using it this week and see how it functions. Love all the tools included thanks

  16. Heidi Altomare

    This is just what I need. The attachments are great for getting into the car cup holders and the sides of the seats.

  17. Lyza-Anabelle Diamonon Escobar

    It’s works great! I’m able to vacuum places I couldn’t reach before.

  18. Emily Mershon

    I love this vacuum. The box however looks very old but when I opened I was shocked by its sleek design and rose gold buttons. I love this product so much

  19. David Jimenez

    The reserwa car vacuum cleaner works amazing I plug it into my car and it leaves it like new, it’s a small but powerful vacuum and I like the accessories that comes with it, it’s just amazing

  20. Natalie Laino

    The product is compact and affordable.

  21. Marina Peraza

    This product comes in a very nice packaging. It has a bag that all of the supplies fit jn allowing for easy storage. The coloring and additions that come with it are prefect for what I needed.

  22. Jamie Suarez

    It’s very pretty and I like how it comes with multiple things. It’s very convenient because it’s small so I love it.

  23. Shatyra Loftis

    I have not used it yet but I will do a review on Amazon once I do

  24. Anna Guan

    I received the product, and I use it immediately. It is simply and easy to use it, works well in the car, great product and will recommend to friends and family.

  25. Shannon Mackey

    I like it because I am able to use the different attachments to clean my car well.

  26. Catharine Williams

    Suction is great and the crevice tool is awesome for the spaces between the seats and center console!

  27. Samantha Hyde

    I love that it is compact yet powerful. I didn’t realize it came with a storage bag which is a nice bonus! This is perfect for my car. Especially with 2 young children

  28. Mousslim El Gada

    I like it’s convenience. The cord is a great length and the vacuum is small enough to keep in the trunk.

  29. Amber Frey

    It is a nice compact car vacuum

  30. michelle gaddis

    Was looking to replace a many many years old Craftsman brand car vacuum my husband has had for years and was no longer cutting it. This was a great deal

  31. David Lin

    This device cleaned my car like no other device did and it can clean up small bits hidden in my car where other devices cant reach or see. VERY GOOD!!!

  32. Laurel Lorenz

    This car vacuum set has all the perfect accessories to do the job right when cleaning out the car. I love the extra brush and tray.

  33. Ruby McClain

    I love the convenience of vacuuming my car whenever I needed to.

  34. Liliana Ortiz

    Very excellent vacuum and love that the plus is for car use in only.

  35. Sumanth Pobala

    The design is good and yet to use it and the customer reviews are positive

  36. Sabal Adhikary

    Doesn’t feel like cheap plastic but the price wasn’t too much. Nice accessories that came with it as well.

  37. Jenna Duran

    It’s perfect sizing to fit in compact storage within the car, the cord is perfect length and the storage bag it comes with is PERFECT! I absolutely love everything about the product!

  38. Destiny Payne

    It’s great easier and more convenient

  39. Avagay Simpson

    I like the design. It’s easy to use and very stylish

  40. David Mosby

    great product. conviencent portable and needed.

  41. Appaso Jadhav

    product was good. and easy to use

  42. Christina Heeter

    I really like this product so far and it comes with very good attachments.

  43. Lauren Mazzanti

    So far I like this product. It came with an extra filter and a few accessories and a carrying bag. So nice to store in the car to keep everything together.

  44. Shivali Gupta

    Good product it is useful and super efficient in cheating out minutest debri .

  45. Kelvin Márquez

    Small so easy to store and easy to use

  46. Cameron Craig

    I haven’t gotten to use it yet but I will soon. It looks very nice though and it came quickly and nothing was missing or broken. I like that it comes with an extra filter and a bag. Very sleek and light design. Good price. Thank you

  47. Brenda Morales

    Everything is working great so far. Amazing suction!!

  48. Cherese Ferrier

    It is a great product, it fully functional without problems

  49. Andrea M DeSantiago

    Lightweight, easy to use and effective

  50. Yesenia Perez

    Compact, convenient, and efficient

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